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What We do for Entertainment Now is a Necessity, but When We Need to do It, We Rip Out Our Hair

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

My girlfriend and I always enjoyed getting out to shop, even if we did not buy anything. We liked seeing the different products and observing the people around the vicinity.

When Covid struck that changed what all we could do. At first, most businesses were closed, some still have not opened back up, or ever will.

Now for entertainment, we end up at the grocery store. When we just need to get out, that’s often the place we turn to. Usually, we get some snacks and take the time to pick the perfect ones.

When it is time to do our actual grocery shopping, however, it is absolute Hell and chaos. People and carts block our every move! We get stressed while trying to avoid being run into, then often cannot find what we need, forgot what we need, or cannot stand it anymore and need to leave.

Online shopping has proven to help with pick up. We have the time to look up recipes while filling our cart and are not rushed.

My innovation for the crowds at stores is a simple cattle pusher that universally snaps on to any cart. It would be ideal for moving people out of the way.

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