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Weekend Self Care

Self care is important to me as it should be for everyone.

Weekends are the perfect time to decompress and get a lot of self care in.

This weekend I saw some family as my sister was celebrating her birthday.

I saw my sister’s new place for the first time, even though she has been there for a while and was very impressed.

She had found the exact, perfect decoration or piece of art for every space.

I turned down alcohol easily as it was a “seltzer”.

My mom was there too, and it was nice to see her.

Most importantly, my girlfriend was there for me, helping to navigate me when I was uncomfortable, and calm me down when I was frustrated.

We shopped and enjoyed a more leisurely pace, as the store was surprisingly slow.

During the weekend, when I was tired, I slept. I also allowed myself sweets, my favorite was a grape donut that my girlfriend found for me, it tasted like grape bubblegum!

I maintained exercise by speed jump roping until I was all jumped out.

I swam for exercise as well, absolutely in awe of how well my girlfriend is able to swim now!

I stretched a lot, my neck feels much better, as well as my back, and I no longer have a tension headache!

I got to cuddle my bobkitty a lot and got to spend time with my favorite pup!

Nothing too out of the ordinary, but now I am completely refreshed.

I look forward to the week to come, as I feel that there is only good to come.

If you are out there reading this, I hope that your weekend was restorative as well, preparing you for a wonderful week!

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