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To Skip!

In April I wrote a piece talking about how I used to love to jump rope in our elementary school’s before school jump rope team called The Hop-to-Its. I said that if I was jump roping in 20 minute sessions by my 36th birthday I would be thinner, would be waking up better, would be eating healthier and would be happier. I am proud to say that I hit that goal well over a month ago and my birthday is not for over another month from now. In this video I first show the boxer step, which alternates feet, rotating the rope once for each step. The second video I did a series of double unders, where the rope passes twice under my feet before I land again. The third demonstrates a fast speed roping, but I tripped a couple times, but I kept going, by golly! The last was just difficult, because it was in a tight space with my mask on. I am proud to say that this is one highly intensive exercise routine that I have actually kept up with. My endurance and stamina have sky rocketed and when I have not jumped yet in a day, I find myself craving to go out and jump. I am so happy during this hot weather that the ceiling is high enough at my work to allow me to jump rope inside, and there are no neighbors below to upset with the thunderous sound of my joyous jumping!

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