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Sunday Evening Winding Down

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

The weekend is drawing to a close as it is almost midnight on Sunday. Grocery shopping today proved, yet again, difficult.

The highlight of the evening was swimming with my girlfriend in her apartment complex’s pool. Tonight we had the whole pool to ourselves! The times we have alone in the pool are very special.

When I met my girlfriend she did not know how to swim and was afraid to learn. Our first summer together I got her in the pool though. We did not get a chance to swim too much, as she was self conscious around other people. We went and often ended up just wading. But before the close of the pool that year she was able to swim once!

The time teaching her was special to both of us. She would hold me, I would support her and we would be able to gaze into each other’s eyes. She had never looked so beautiful to me before, although always looking beyond beautiful.

The next summer was brief and she was certain that she had forgotten how to swim. Once we finally were able to get in she saw that she, in fact, had remembered. She was fairly choppy, as she had just learned to swim, only to not be able to swim for the better part of a year, as an adult, but soon was swimming gracefully. Covid changed the ability to swim too, as the pool closed before we were off work.

This year has been amazing though. Two new pools to pick from as she has moved. We have gotten a lot of swimming time in, and she is doing great. When people are around, I make long laps back and forth while she swims back and forth on the narrower sides.

But on nights like tonight, when we have the pool to ourselves, it is extra special. She still likes to hold me as I support her through the water, despite not needing me, and she yet again, looks magically beautiful to me as we gaze into each other’s eyes, her trusting me, me in awe of her, all alone to enjoy our bond together.

The weekend ends, the work week will begin and swimming is less of an opportunity. But what I dread is the close of summer, followed by the close of the pool.

Maybe we may have to invest in a membership to the Y.

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