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Someone to Look Up To

Joseph Bonner - Someone to Look Up To
Joseph Bonner

Have you ever in your time scrolling through a form of social media ran across a celebrity you had never heard of before?

Then maybe you ran across another article by them, then maybe some more…

This well known figure maybe now has left an impression on you. You decide to learn about them, you look into what they do.

You learn of incredible things this person has done, You see that this person sure looks like fun!

The more you follow this person that knows nothing of you, The fonder you grow, seeing they think like you do.

You maybe reach out, or reply to a post of theirs, You maybe give their post a like, or several shares.

Then one day, you maybe get a reply, Maybe even something as simple as “Hi😊”

Then after a while maybe you write them a message telling them about you.

It might take a while, but maybe they write you back asking if they could call you in a day or two.

You freak out you are so excited that this celebrity has shown interest in you! The day comes and you receive no call.

You think maybe it was a scam after all.

But you tell yourself you know this person to be a good person from the posts you read every day.

Then you begin to pray. You hope this person is well and not ill. You pray they did not take a spill.

You pray they are okay and will still reach out at some point. Then before midnight you receive a message from them saying they are so sorry, they had a rough day and were calling it a night. They apologize and ask again if it was okay to call you tomorrow, You reply that is more than okay!

Your hope is back and they are fine. You settle down and get ready for the next day to shine. You put the ringer on your phone which you never do.

You wait for it to ring while you put on your shoe.

You wait when you walk to the car, You wait all the way to another town, driving quite far.

You shop all through the day waiting the whole time, Then you receive a call during dinner with the in laws, typically a crime.

You cannot believe what you see on caller ID! You jump up and shout, yelling, “I cannot believe he is calling me”

If you are telling me this has not happened to you, I will tell you it happened to me, it is very true!

I answered my phone, “this is Eric!!!” beyond excited.

On the other end of the line, a familiar voice I had never talked to, “hi Eric, this is Joseph Bonner, I am glad we connected!”

I was out of my element, completely star struck, I could not believe it was true! Joseph Bonner said, “Eric tell me about you…”

The rest constructed the most incredible, powerful, exciting conversation in my life. I got to know my hero, he learned of my strife.

He told me about himself and gave me advice.

He must really want me to succeed, because to make sure I did not forget he told me again twice.

I could not believe he was giving me advice and wanting to help for free.

Then he told me he usually hardly calls anyone, but I caught his interest and this call was to vet me.

I was beyond excited but a little nervous hoping I had not caused any implications. Then my hero said the best thing your hero could ever say, “Eric you far exceeded my expectations.”

I was in sheer bliss I could not believe my ears. Something like this usually would have brought me to tears.

But I was way too happy to.

I told him I thought for a year, “wouldn’t it be cool if I called Joseph Bonner a friend and he called me one too?”

Then the words that I heard next gave me the very most hope, Joseph Bonner told me, “well, Bro, every friendship begins with a conversation”

I know I no longer have any reason to mope.

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