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I became my own staff.

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

I experienced a vast amount of mental health and substance use issues from youth well into early adulthood. I was diagnosed schizoaffective, bipolar type in the summer of 2009 in which time I accumulated many stories to tell.

My son was my inspiration to get better, he and I were living at my mother’s house sharing a room when he was 6 months old, because my marriage had dissolved and I was unemployed and fighting for disability.

I went through a lot of rehabilitative programs, but the program that helped me the most was a rehabilitative day program. I learned structure and attended groups to help me learn how to grow and cope, and to be more independent. This was the beginning of my public speaking as well as any real writing that I felt compassionate about.

I started volunteering at a hospital in the lobby for a year and attended the day program three days per week. Then I decided I wanted more. I wanted to better myself. I received my Associate of Applied Science in Human Service along with about 600 hours or practicum experience in the field.

Graduating with my AAS gave me momentum to proceed to receive my Bachelor of the Arts in Human Relations. I was ready to enter the workforce!

I worked for an Assertive Community Treatment team in Lincoln for three and a half years. This was the hardest work I had ever done, but prepared me for working with the population I am so passionate not only about working with, but belonging to.

In my blogs I will attempts to give the perspective of mental health and/or substance use through the eyes of the consumer as well as the provider. I like to provide my thoughts about any other given issue as well.

I also use writing as a way to process events, situations, the day, etc and sometimes like to write for fun. On my page, you will find links to my first publication, available on Amazon. This publication consists of 49 of my short writings I compiled for my hero, Joseph Bonner, they provide a good example of the different styles of my writings. Available on the Kindle and in paperback.

I hope if you choose to read what I write, that I help you, inspire you, encourage you, motivate you or just make you laugh!

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