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How is this Supposed to Go?

Good things happen to me often yet I still feel off.

I enjoy life and have everything and everyone I want in it yet still feel unfulfilled.

I spend so much time wanting things that I have made peace with knowing I will never have.

To take the time writing what I want, want I am missing, that is just depressing.

The focus should be on what I have, what I have achieved.

I have been blessed.

I have had incredible experiences.

I am lucky to have the best people the universe has to offer in my life.

They love me despite me being me.

I have achieved things some would never believe.

My ambition however, exceeds the time I have to complete what I want to.

This leaves me feeling like I have not done enough.

I do not know what it is I have not achieved.

I have a burning desire for greatness though.

I desperately want to do good and for as many as I can reach.

Until I can though, I work tirelessly.

I write as much as I can.

I speak whenever I can.

I network every single day.

I do not expect riches, I just want the world to know.

I desperately want the world to see.

I want everyone to see that they should treat people like me, others that hurt, compassionately.

Some empathy in this world could go a long way.

How nice would it be to stomp out hate?
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