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I have a feeling if you talked to anyone that knows me well, or perhaps just for a moment, they could easily identify for you that I am a bit extreme. Well, maybe more than a bit.

Those and what I love I devote my life to. I will break my fists defending who I love. I put them before me, for that is what in turn makes me happy.

I feel emotion deeply and express it greatly. I laugh loud, sing and dance when happy. When I am mad people run as fast as they can, as I am scary, just with a glance.

When I support a cause I support it to the furthest extent I possibly can. When I am against something I try to shut it down the best I can.

The blessing of my extreme nature is I can do incredible amounts of good for as many as I can. However, the curse is that if I do not circumscribe my actions when upset, I can ruin myself and others in my wake.

The fortunate thing is that my heart is set on good. I want the best for everyone and have wished since I was a small child that I could create world peace.

I am more capable as an educated adult to be able to help. I do what I can to reach large crowds and do what I can to help, I do not want anything more than to know I helped.

As an educated adult though, I understand I will never create world peace, and that I have an incredibly limited reach. This does not stop me from trying though, but what deters me some, is the lack of good I do, no matter my effort.

My kryptonite is when my intentions are misunderstood and assumed to be negative. If people only knew how much I cared for them, and want the best for them, I feel these misunderstandings would not occur, as they would assume my actions were for the best.

I try so hard not to be a scary, mean man. This is hard with the amount of disappointment I experience almost all day, every day. I feel I am in a constant struggle to offset negativity and I get worn out.

I go through somewhat of a cycle. I set out to do great, get discouraged, enter a rage, then through those that love me I pull through. I vow to do the best I can to make a difference for others, even after the toll it takes on me, my sanity and those that are around me.

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