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I gave a speech recently in an adult dual diagnosis residential facility and just found my bullet points. I liked the advice I had decided to give at the end of the speech, and should review it often, because I could definitely benefit from it.

My advice bullet points were:

+Discover what helps, that is not going to hurt you or someone else and is not illegal

+Utilize whatever resources you can

+Find out what you want

+Set goals you can achieve

+Work hard to get what you want and need most

+Stay positive

+Identify people, places and things in your life that only do you harm and do what you need to do to cut them out of your life

+Always strive to be better

+Explore interests and research them

+Take time each day to do something you enjoy

+Learn to advocate for yourself properly and do it

+Treat other well, even if you do not like them, especially yourself

+Change negative thoughts and behaviors into good ones until you do it naturally

+Only take on how much you can handle

+Do good often and do not expect anything in return

+If others doubt you, or your abilities, prove them wrong

+Listen to advice without being defensive, then decide what to do with it later.

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