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Aim to Achieve

I always had a lot of ambition and have been quoted as saying, “when I want something I usually get it.”

When saying this I did not mean I am just given what I want.

When I want something, I want it bad, which gives me motivation to get it.

I work tirelessly and relentlessly to get the things I want most.

When talking with an individual in service at my work today, I was reminded of working very hard to achieve what I wanted to at an early age.

I climbed a tree of about 45 feet all the time in my front yard.

Climbing this tree was getting a little old, so I decided to step it up a bit.

I tied a rope to the top of the tree, the bottom dangling about 10-12 feet above the ground.

I wanted to climb down the rope, so after tying the knot tight, I grabbed the rope with all my might.

I slid down the rope at astonishing speeds and fell on my back, knocking the wind out of me.

My hands hurt so bad, they were completely torn up in the palms and fingers, I’m surprised they didn’t smoke.

I was unsatisfied, I had not CLIMBED down the rope.

I could barely touch my hands or bend them, so I know I couldn’t climb down the rope.

In my 10-year-old brain I came up with a great idea!

I put on my biking gloves so I could bear to grab the rope.

Climbing the tree hurt, but I did it! I climbed down the rope too!

The next problem was getting the gloves off.

My hands had accepted my gloves as the new skin and then sealed to them.

I couldn’t bear to pull off the gloves, so I had to soak my hands.

I ended up cutting the gloves off and it took a while for my hands to heal.

I didn’t see this as a loss of gloves, but as a victory!

I achieved what I set out to achieve, no matter the cost.

In my education and through many different kinds of trainings I have learned the best ways to set goals.

I have always known the importance of setting goals, but now I know how to set achievable goals, I meet the goals I set nearly always.

This past year I have achieved so many of the bigger goals I have set, leaving me proud, blessed and even more ambitious and motivated!

I aim to achieve!

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