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So I haven't been keeping my blog updated. In December I was able to get off supplemental oxygen by losing weight. It turns out that I needed oxygen due to a condition called obesity hypoventilation syndrome. As of today I have lost 75 pounds.

The bad news is my pulmonary hypertension syndrome symptoms are bad. I have chronic chest pain that is very bad. Also, I have pain in my upper abdomen often. I feel awful all the time. I have no endurance and little energy. I can't walk very far and I can't walk fast. I can't walk up a single flight of stairs. If I go to the mall, I have to sit down every time I get to a store and often between stores. I can't stand very long. I spend most of my time sitting down or laying on the couch. I don't enjoy going on walks anymore or doing anything active.

I go to a lot of appointments and I don't get many answers. Most all days I don't feel well anymore, but I keep a positive attitude. Every single piece of research I've read has the same timeline stating I don't have too much time left as pulmonary hypertension is a rapidly progressing disease, but I refuse to be mad or wallow in misery as I don't want to be remembered that way. So I keep my chin up, continue to joke around, do as much as I can, love to my fullest and be the best person I can be for those that love me, so when the day comes, they can remember me for me. Memento Mori!

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